About Horne Lake

Cottagers have enjoyed Horne Lake as a recreational retreat since the 1920's. In 1996, a group of cottage license holders formed the Horne Lake License Holders Association "HLLHA" (now known as Horne Lake Community Association "HLCA") to pursue the opportunity for long-term tenure of the recreational lots for its members, the Horne Lake License Holders. In December 1999 HLLHA entered into an agreement for the purchase and sale of the Horne Lake Lands from Texada Land Corporation, on behalf of the License Holders.  From 1999 until the completion of the purchase, over 270 licensed holders invested and risked their money in pursuit of their dream to own their lot and create the Strata Community you see today.  On January 23, 2002, the purchase was completed and included the purchase of DL 251 Parcel A and Parcel B approximately 3500 acres, Block 40 approximately 260 acres and the sale of 343 strata lots to existing license holders.

On January 23, 2002, the lands were subdivided and allocated as follows:

  • Approximately 280 acres is subdivided out of DL 251 Parcel A and Parcel B to create a 400 lot, bare land strata known as Owners of Strata Plan VIS 5160  "The Strata".
  • Remainder of Parcel A and Parcel B, approximately 3200 acres is transferred to Horne Lake Resort Corp "ResortCo".  ResortCo is solely owned by Owners of Strata Plan VIS 5160 as a Common Asset.  The ResortCo lands are designated as Private Managed Forest.
  • 343 of the 400 lots are sold to License Holders and the balance, 57 lots are transferred to Horne Lake Land Corp "LandCo"LandCo is a company solely owned by HLCA for purpose of developing and selling the remainder lots.  As of October 2005, LandCo owns 33 lots.  Over the next few years, LandCo will sell some of these lots to retire the debt owed by HLCA to the original 343 purchasers that funded the project.
  • Block 40, now the Horne Lake Regional Park is transferred to the Regional District of Nanaimo as consideration for allowing the subdivision and creation of The Strata.

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